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Technology without compromise

We use only the best and most reliable technologies to give you ultra-fast hosting you can depend on, no matter how big or small your website is. Combined with our expert support, and you have a hosting company that is ready for anything.

  1. 1. Genesis

    We wanted our clients to have the best cloud platform on the planet. We looked for one that was highly performant, could recover from hardware failures quickly and was as sustainable as possible.

    When we couldn’t find it, we had our in-house software team build it instead! We were able to be VERY exacting about the specification.

  2. 2. Tech Spec

    Katapult servers utilise redundant components throughout; CPU, RAM, power supplies, network cards and hundreds of NVMe disks, over which we spread 3 copies of every bit of data.

    Thanks to its distributed architecture Katapult can stay online and deliver millions of IOPS even if a component or server fails.

  3. 3. Sustainability

    As a result of our over-engineering, we’re able to run the hardware until failure without sacrificing performance or availability. This is better for the planet because we’re using resource-intensive hardware for longer.

    We’re also entirely powered by renewable energy, no matter which one of our 4 global locations you use.

  4. 4. DDoS & Connectivity

    Low-latency connections to major Tier 1 providers and direct peer exchanges with over 700 networks guarantee ultra-fast content delivery.

    We also have 4,000Gbps of on-premise and upstream DDoS mitigation that we provide as a shield over clients, free of charge.

cPanel Hosting

On top of Katapult we run individual virtual servers with cPanel and our own suite of software and scripts for optimal performance.

  • Speed-optimised software

    We’ve designed our software stack from the ground-up for maximum performance. LiteSpeed caching and full account-resource isolation mean you get lightning-fast resources, exactly when you need them.

    • LiteSpeed Web Server with LiteSpeed Cache enabled - supporting web protocols such as QUIC, HTTP/2 and HTTP/3.
    • PHP OPCache enabled by default.
    • Latest PHP performance enhancements are always available.
    • The industry-leading CloudLinux operating system is used to fully isolate user accounts for maximum security and to ensure your assigned resources are always available.
  • Multi-layered malware protection

    We spare no expense when it comes to security. We employ automatic scanning and detection and regularly inform you of all available security updates for your web applications.

    • Redundant hardware firewall scanning with integrated Intrusion Prevention filtering to block identified zero-day threats.
    • Web application firewall using mod_security and extensive daily rulesets to mitigate common attack vectors.
    • All content uploads scanned in real time to block known virus and malware threats.
    • Weekly scanning of all user-stored content to identify infected or compromised content and provide actionable feedback to users.

Hand-picked data centres

Every facility we use is carefully selected for an optimal blend of fault-tolerant power and cooling capability, as well as physical data security.

They must be ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 compliant and run on 100% green energy. Anything less won’t make the cut.

  • Netwise East

    PUE = 1.05

    We have two entire halls dedicated to Krystal clients in this brand-new cutting-edge data centre in East London.

  • Netwise Central

    PUE = 1.12

    Our old site. We are currently in the process of moving all workloads from Central to East, and expect to have this done by June 2024.

  • Iron Mountain

    PUE = 1.2

    With decades of experience in high-security business services, Iron Mountain houses our US-based services in Phoenix, Arizona, and Edison, New Jersey, as well as our Amsterdam location.

Exceptional support

Our award-winning support team are gifted problem solvers. Get in touch for fast, effective and honest responses that genuinely help.



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  • 63% solved in first response



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  • < 30 seconds hold time target


Live Chats

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