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Our customers are some of our best promoters. Whether it's helping other customers in our Discord server, mentioning us on social media, or leaving a review, they're always there to talk about how great our products and services are for them. Here are just a few of the reviews that have been left by our customers.

4.8 out of 5 based on 1,748 reviews

“I just realised that I’ve been with Krystal for the last 5 years! That’s pretty unusual indeed for me. On reflection, I’ve run through similar companies every 1-3 years over the last 25 years. What's kept me with Krystal is the following: good performance in what they do, good update information, everything is transparent, they treat me as a person, and they'll go the extra mile. ”

Captain Walker


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Well worth the money!

I’ve been with Krystal since 2015, and have always been very impressed by the quality of their technical support. I’ve just had a problem with my email system, which they tracked down in a few hours, and at no extra charge, to an obscure fault in my Thunderbird email software.

Kevin King


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Fast and reliable

It’s so easy to turn to a review site when you have a bad experience with a company. Thankfully, my experience with Krystal has been the opposite. Been a customer for four years, never had a problem. This week, I needed support. They answered promptly and did everything I need to get my site working again quickly.

Robert J. King


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Simply amazing!

Everything about the Krystal platform is fantastic, but their support in particular is just outstanding. There's always little issues here and there when you host websites, and knowing you've got such a great support team at your fingertips just takes all the pressure off.

Karl Chevalier


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The best in the business, by far!

I wish all hosting companies had the same level of service and care that Krystal do. Their systems work flawlessly and the odd occasion that there’s an issue they are always super responsive and extremely helpful.

Joel Spencer


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Switch to Krystal and we’ll credit your unused time from your current provider

Are you locked in with your current web host? Our Switch Credits give you money back on any time you have left on your plan, so you can join Krystal sooner.

“I spoke to Steven in Support, who was helpful beyond my expectations, exploring various options with me and talking me through every step to upgrade my IT to make it as easy as possible. I honestly can't recommend Krystal enough if all their employees are as helpful as he has been!”

Tina Sood


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Great service

Krystal are easily the best hosting service I have ever used. Great service, and an amazing turnaround time on queries and tickets. Real people who are helpful, friendly, and UK-based.

Bazil Nesbitt


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Krystal just do everything well

Very well. Outstandingly well. Whether it be hosting, tech support, or domain-related, they are responsive and extremely competent. I have no intention of moving any of my domains or sites anywhere else.

Allister Duncan


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Excellent provider

As someone who isn’t web tech savvy, the team here helped me navigate designing my own website, even with all the technical glitches that happened along the way. By far, the most supportive and knowledgeable team I have worked with.

Lottie King


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Even the more technical of us need help!

Despite having a background in tech, setting up websites still isn’t second nature to me. This is where Krystal and their great support team come in. I didn’t need to pull out my hair, because the chat feature came up, and a super-helpful real human helped me immediately and without stress.

Natalie Haigh


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