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Switch Credits Terms

Last updated

02 Oct 2023

Our switch credits are offered subject to the following conditions:

  1. Eligible plans

    Plans that are eligible for switch credits are limited to our shared hosting plans, our business hosting plans, our reseller hosting plans and our Onyx plans.

  2. Evidence of previous hosting
    1. The evidence you submit will only be approved for switch credits if it shows all the following:
      1. Details of your current provider, which must be one of our listed competitors
      2. The name of the account holder (whether a person, a business or any other type of organisation) on the evidence provided must match the new account details you are setting up with us
      3. The period you have a service for (which must include tomorrow)
      4. The price paid for the period which must be in GBP
      5. Proof of payment for the period
      6. The domain name associated with the service
      7. A unique identifier for the invoice from your current provider
    2. Multiple documents may be required to satisfy these criteria. A receipted invoice is ideal but we may require an invoice, proof of payment and a screenshot from your account with your current provider.
    3. If we consider any evidence that has been provided to us has been amended or tampered with in any way, we reserve the right to reject your application for switch credits.
  3. Location of hosting

    The address you have registered with us is in a location that is within our current list of allowed countries.

  4. Credit amount

    The maximum we will credit you for is 12 months of your chosen service from us, within the plans listed in clause 1 above.

  5. Switch calculation

    Subject to the above, the value of the switch credits will be calculated as a prorated amount for the unused period shown on your evidence from your current provider and will be credited to your Krystal account based on the account charges listed on our website on the date of the switch credits being approved by us. The prorating will be calculated as shown on the calculator on our site.

  6. Switch more than once

    Customers may use this offer more than once on different services. Fresh evidence will be required each time a customer wishes to claim switch credits for a different service.

  7. Switch credits are not transferable

    Once switch credits have been applied to one type of plan, they may not be transferred to another category of plan, but can be transferred within a category. By way of example, a credit may be transferred from a Ruby plan to an Emerald plan (as they are both within the shared hosting category) but may not be transferred to a Trinity plan (as it is a reseller type of plan). If the Krystal plan that has been transferred to is more expensive, the customer will need to pay the difference between the value of the credit on the cheaper plan and the cost of the more expensive plan at the point of upgrade. Customers are not eligible for a refund or increase in switch credit value if they downgrade their plan.

  8. Third party expenses

    Switch credits may not be used to pay for domain fees or other licence fees that constitute third party expenses associated with your account.

  9. No cash value

    Switch credits have no cash value and may not be transferred.

  10. No refund

    If you cancel your service with us before you have used up your switch credits you will not be eligible for any form of refund.

  11. No scheme abuse

    If we consider the scheme is being abused we reserve the right to remove your switch credits. If this happens we will write to you to confirm this and will present you with an invoice for immediate payment for any sums that become due.

  12. Our discretion

    We reserve the right to deny applications for switch credits at our full discretion. We may withdraw the switch credits offer at any time.