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Protecting the Planet

Welcome to 100% green web hosting without the sacrifice.

We’re on a mission to put an end to the damaging days of web hosting by showing that great tech doesn’t always mean bad for the planet.

The internet is one of the most carbon-polluting industries on the planet, consuming an estimated 416.2TWh of energy per year - more than the entire United Kingdom! (Source: Website Carbon). It’s a fast-growing industry, but slow to change: most of this power is still generated from fossil fuel sources.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

At Krystal, we offer uncompromisingly good web hosting with industry-leading technology that’s better for you and the planet.

Green hosting

In 2017 we became one of the first website hosts to be powered by 100% renewable electricity from the sun, wind and sea. This means no shady carbon offsetting, just a direct relationship between our UK datacentre and Ecotricity to power the facility with energy generated by 100% renewable sources. As we’ve expanded into additional facilities around the world we made sure they were powered entirely by renewable energy too.

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Energy efficient data centres

All of our datacentres have achieved a PUE rating of 1.2 or less. PUE stands for Power Usage Effectiveness and is the ratio of the total amount of energy used by a datacentre to the energy delivered to computing equipment. The closer to 1 the better. Our new flagship UK datacentre has a PUE of just 1.05, meaning that for every watt of energy spent only 5% is used on building infrastructure like power and cooling, with the rest reaching the servers.

Netwise East

PUE = 1.05

We have two entire halls dedicated to Krystal clients in this brand-new cutting-edge data centre in East London.

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Netwise Central

PUE = 1.12

Our old site. We are currently in the process of moving all workloads from Central to East, and expect to have this done by June 2024.

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Iron Mountain

PUE = 1.2

With decades of experience in high-security business services, Iron Mountain houses our US-based services in Phoenix, Arizona, and Edison, New Jersey, as well as our Amsterdam location.

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Trees planted so far

We work with tree-planting organisations around the world, helping to reforest coastlines, build up local communities, returning land back to wildlife, and making the world better.

For every person in our company, we also offset their carbon footprint - not just for their time working here, but for their lifetime and the future as well. And as a Krystal customer, you can see the impact you’re having by logging into your client area and seeing your own virtual forest grow.

Green Initiatives

If we’re to meet the UK’s commitment to reach net-zero emissions and end its contribution to global warming by 2050, UK businesses must play their part. And we’re no exception. We know that it’s going to take all of us working together to make a better world and future, and that’s why we’re proud to work with the following organisations…

  • One Percent for the Planet

    We are members of 1% for the planet and have committed ourselves to donate at least 1% of our revenue to further environmental causes around the world. Through our donations, we’re working with projects, thought leaders, and communities to ensure a thriving and sustainable planet, focusing on everything from rewilding nature to supporting farmers.

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  • is a World Economic Forum initiative that’s on a mission to mobilise, connect and empower the global reforestation community to conserve, restore and grow one trillion trees by 2030. We’re working with them to help protect and restore the world’s forests and in October 2021 we pledged to protect and plant one billion trees by 2030.

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  • Veritree

    So far, we have planted over 3,000,000 trees through Veritree. Veritree provides businesses and non-governmental organisations with tools and technology designed specifically for large-scale reforestation. A key partner in our own Billion Tree Pledge, Veritree exists to create local jobs, sequester carbon, and help restore ecosystems by planting the right trees, in the right places.

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  • Ecologi

    So far we have planted over 1,000,000 carbon-cancelling trees all over the world with Ecologi. We also fund Gold Standard sustainability projects and enrol our 60+ remote team members in Ecologi’s monthly climate-positive subscriptions. This plants 20 trees and offsets 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per employee, per month. When new starters join the company we purchase enough CO2 to offset their entire life before they joined, making them carbon neutral.

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  • B Corporation

    In early 2023 we became the world’s first B Corp web host & public cloud provider, codifying our commitment to using Krystal as a vehicle for positive change.

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  • Million Tree Pledge

    We were one of the founding members of the Million Tree Pledge, a collaborative initiative bringing together businesses and individuals to plant over 1 million trees by a specific date (most pledgers have chosen 2025) and encourage other pledgers to ensure that the initiative grows exponentially. If you’re thinking about taking the pledge you can learn more on the MTP site.

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  • SME Climate Hub

    As a member of the SME Climate Hub, we’ve made an internationally recognised climate commitment as part of the United Nations Race to Zero campaign to halve our emissions before 2030 and achieve net zero emissions before 2050.

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  • Trees for Life

    We have also worked with Trees for Life, a charity based in Scotland that is working to rewild the Highlands with natural biodiverse forests. We planted 19,120 trees across the Highlands, helping to restore and extend natural forest habitats and build a healthy wildlife ecosystem.

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Millions of trees, thousands of customers, zero sacrifice.

Just because we prioritise sustainability doesn’t mean we’re willing to make sacrifices. Sure, we’ve planted millions of trees and everything runs on 100% renewable power but that hasn’t stopped us from creating the world’s best hosting platform or building a support team that’s the envy of our competitors (read reviews).

This is web hosting without the downsides

Just because we prioritise sustainability doesn’t mean we’re prepared to make sacrifices.

  • 16x

    Faster speeds

    Sure, we’ve planted millions of trees, but our speed is also 16 times faster than other providers.

  • 99.99%

    Uptime guarantee

    Sure, we run on renewable energy but we also guarantee an industry-leading 99.99% uptime at no extra cost.

  • Zero

    Hidden costs

    Sure, we offset the lifetime carbon of each of our staff, but we also don’t implement any hidden costs.

Ready to make the switch?

Find out about our Switch Credits and make the move today.

Show off your green credentials and support independent hosting

By choosing Krystal as your hosting provider, you’re helping reduce your overall carbon footprint automatically. This is something to be proud of, so why not show your visitors your website’s green credentials with your very own Krystal green energy badge?

It’s absolutely free to use, has zero tracking, and gives a clear signal that you’re doing your bit to help the environment. Display it on your website to differentiate yourself from your competitors and help raise awareness of how we can all make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Simply copy the embed code and paste it into your website. Alternatively, you can earn money for anyone you refer to Krystal who signs up by joining our free affiliate programme and replacing the URL with your affiliate referral link.

A preview of the Krystal green energy badge which states website powered by green energy

Try us risk-free with our 60 day no-quibble money back guarantee

We’re confident you’ll love the Krystal experience, but if you do wish to leave us within 60 days, you’ll get all your money back. There will be no hoops to jump through and no questions asked.