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How Krystal helped a leading agency build a flawless reputation and win multiple awards.

Screenshot of go6 media’s website

In the last ten years, across hundreds of our sites, we’ve seen uptimes of around 99.97%. And that is absolutely phenomenal!

Wayne PhilipsManaging Director, go6 media

The client and the challenge

With a client list that includes disruptive tech start-ups and eminent blue-chip giants, go6 media delivers high-quality, cost-effective, robust work at pace.

“Beautiful design, attention to detail and getting things right the first time around just doesn’t cut it anymore,” says Wayne Philips, Managing Director, go6 media. “Every single digital touchpoint needs to be flawless, with absolutely minimal downtime or disruption." This means that quality hosting is a fundamental part of go6 media’s web offering. When his team builds a website, Wayne has to be sure that it stays online and is consistently accessible.

“We've always kept on top of the latest technologies,” says Wayne. “But hosting is one of the few elements that we just can’t handle ourselves. That’s why Krystal is so important to us, and it is testament to their abilities that on average in the last ten years, across hundreds of our sites, we’ve seen uptimes of around 99.97%. And that is absolutely phenomenal.”

Yet reliability is only part of the equation.

Supporting success

go6 media has a lot riding on its reputation, having achieved the accolade of Best Web Design Agency in South East England, as well as winning a prestigious Webby Award. That’s why Krystal’s total dedication to customer service, clear, affordable pricing and leading-edge technologies is so important.

If there are issues, go6 can rest assured that the Krystal support team will resolve them, day or night, often before they have a perceivable impact on the end user. Wayne also knows that go6 can resell Krystal services at fair prices, passing on the benefits of its relationship with Krystal onto its clients. This close relationship also means that the go6 team is able to work with Krystal to test and improve new WordPress hosting solutions before public release.

“Aside from the robust solutions and agency offerings, Krystal’s support is absolutely paramount for us,” says Wayne. “Their ticketing system and priority UK-based phone support ensures that, on the rare occasion that we do have an issue, it is resolved promptly, efficiently and without any fuss. Things just get done.”

Planet-friendly performance

Environmental issues are moving into the foreground, and more and more of go6 media’s clients do need to meet sustainability requirements. This where Krystal's environmental credentials help go6 to futureproof its offerings and maintain its competitive edge in an ever-changing market. “To be able to say that our data centres are powered by 100% renewable energy does give us an edge", says Wayne. "Krystal has been able to balance business excellence with environmental empathy and improvement for a long time, so they know how to get it right.”

A trusted long-term partnership

Being able to scale at speed and deliver immediately, while building a business for the long term, has allowed for a trusted, long-standing relationship. go6 media started out with one small plan with Krystal, more than ten years ago. Now, go6 media manages more than 600GB of data and hundreds of thousands of pages across the Krystal platform. Plus, as Wayne mentions, go6 media has had the pleasure of attending several events too, like Krystal's 20th birthday Oktoberfest celebrations, and the Katapult server launch party.

“They really are like part of our family,” says Wayne. “Krystal takes the headache away from hosting. Our clients are well looked after, with no complaints about emails not working or websites and apps being offline. We can sleep easy, knowing our services are operational and all our clients are happy.”

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What was used?

  • cPanel
  • WordPress
  • 2 Reseller packages
  • 3 dedicated Katapult servers
  • Onyx hosting plan

What did we see?

  • 10-year client relationship
  • 99.97% uptime over a decade and thousands of sites
  • Fast, secure and reliable client websites
  • More time to focus on client success
  • Prompt, personal and effective support
  • Lowered digital emissions
  • Exceptional reputation and industry awards

How can Krystal help you today?

E-commerce Hosting

Powerful hosting for online shopping

With unlimited storage space and bandwidth, our business hosting packages are PCI-DSS compliant, ISO 27001 accredited, and come with snapshot backups taken every 4 hours, a free domain name for the life of the plan, and 24/7 emergency phone support.

Managed Hosting

Expert solutions for your business

Krystal offers expert cloud consultancy and hosting services to enterprise-level organisations and businesses, helping them transform their IT solutions into powerful and resilient cloud-based infrastructure that lets you focus on what you do best.

Developer Hosting

The platform you need to build on

We’re not just a hosting company, we’re a skilled group of developers focused on creating a platform that’s perfect for building your killer app, creating new applications, or tinkering with the latest programming language.

100% green web hosting

Yes, we obsess over our tech. But we also protect our planet.

Green energy

We use Ecotricity for our power, the first company in the UK to offer true 100% renewable energy.

Green data centres

All power consumed at our data centres comes from 100% renewable sources. All centres have achieved a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of at least 1.2.

Green purpose

We work with key partners including Ecologi, veritree and to create a path to a cleaner future. We balance profit with purpose and are a Certified B Corp.

Green leadership

We work as a beacon for positive change, so we help our staff go green by offsetting their lifetime carbon footprint, and encourage our industry to adopt a planet-first approach.

Exceptional support

Our award-winning support team are gifted problem solvers. Get in touch for fast, effective and honest responses that genuinely help.



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