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Software Engineering Manager

We're looking for an Software Engineering Manager to join our team of 60+ excellent individuals

£50,000 to £70,000
Start date

We're looking for an Engineering Manager to join our UK-based software engineering team. You would be working directly with individual engineers as well as overseeing both large and small internal software projects. Our team is primarily working to develop our new cloud platform - Katapult - but also works on other in-house tools and applications.

As a Software Engineering Manager at Krystal you will:

  • Oversee and manage the design and development of complex software systems
  • Maintain software development roadmaps and their internal/external inputs
  • Lead regular meetings with software engineering teams
  • Monitor and manages the performance of software engineers
  • Conduct one to ones and regular performance reviews
  • Mentor engineers and supports their ongoing personal development
  • Work to identify and recruit new members to the software engineering team
  • Represent the software engineering department in meetings and discussions with the wider company
  • Facilitate a smooth flow of information between engineers, other teams and stakeholders
  • Keep up to date with the ever changing landscape in our industry

Essential requirements

  • Experience working with technical teams (ideally with software engineers).
  • Experience managing individual people (including 1-to-1s and reviews).
  • Excellent and effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong organisational and problem solving skills.
  • Ability to work with remote teams.
  • Ability to mentor and faciliate the development of software engineers.
  • Experience working with agile methodologies for project management.
  • Living in the UK (and have the right to work here)

Highly desirable experience

  • A good knowledge of a programming language and framework.
  • An excellent understanding of relevant technical concepts.
  • Previous experience working with cloud products and solutions.
  • Experience working with GitHub for project management (including Issues and Projects).

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