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Full Stack Developer

We're looking for an Full Stack Developer to join our team of 50+ excellent individuals

£40,000 to £50,000
Start date

We're looking for a Full Stack Developer to join us to work on internal and external systems as well as websites. You will work closely with designers and engineers on a range of projects and across our suite of products.

Essential requirements

  • Extensive knowledge of key frontend technologies - HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Familiarity with CSS frameworks and preprocessors - Tailwind and/or Sass
  • Understanding of web development frameworks such as React and/or Vue
  • Working knowledge of source control using Git & GitHub
  • Keeping up to date with the ever changing landscape in our industry
  • Willingness to help, mentor and motivate other members of the team when required
  • Being able to work with others to solve challenging problems

Highly desirable experience

  • Experience with backend languages, including Ruby
  • Understanding of backend frameworks, including Ruby on Rails
  • Interest in and experience of UI/UX design
  • OOP, design patterns and composition of code
  • Experience working with GitHub for project management (including Issues and Projects).
  • Expertise in agile methodologies and sprint rituals
  • Confidence in pair programming exercises

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