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The Krystal Team goes Climate Positive!


26 Jan 20213 min read • Corporate Social Responsibility, News, Trees

Krystal is, and always will be, an independently owned business.

This means we get to choose exactly how we operate. We follow our own path, staying true to our ethos of being honest, reliable and trustworthy. We always do the right thing, whether that’s by our customers, our staff or most importantly, our planet.

Social responsibility is an integral part of our being. Krystal exists to help improve the planet through its actions and we are determined to leave a positive legacy. We’ve supported over 500 charities with free hosting to date. We work with international organisations to help protect the environment. And we power our business on 100% renewable energy. But there’s always more that can be done and we’re never happy to settle.

Today, thanks to our partnership with Ecologi, we’re proud to announce that Krystal is officially a Climate Positive Workforce!

What is a 'Climate Positive Workforce'?

Being a Climate Positive Workforce means that every person in our organisation has their carbon footprint offset – simply because they work at Krystal. This carbon footprint not only includes our team’s time at work and any business travel, but also their time outside of work too. Pretty cool, eh?

We’re achieving this by purchasing Ecologi subscriptions for each one of our staff. These packages fund the planting of carbon-cancelling trees and support some of the world’s best climate crisis solutions. Every month groves of trees are added to the 100,000 we’ve already planted in our company forest (putting us at 6th place on the Business Tree Leaderboard but who's counting?!) to lock up carbon and provide habitats for wildlife, and funds are channelled into carbon reduction projects around the world.

Ecologi has worked out that the average carbon footprint is just under 10 tonnes of CO2 per year per person. Our carbon offsetting has a good amount of margin added to be safe, cancelling out over 12 tonnes of CO2 for every employee per year. This equates to 10 trees planted abroad and 1 planted in the UK every month for each Krystal employee (currently 50) as well as other initiatives that reduce or capture CO2, like providing clean energy.

Committed to make a difference

We’re thrilled and inspired by working with Ecologi to offset our carbon footprint and help reverse the effect of carbon emissions. We’ve made a commitment to a monthly donation to help fund their amazing carbon offsetting initiatives that work to eliminate more greenhouse gases than our carbon footprint adds to the atmosphere.

Ecologi's ongoing CO2 reduction projects include a wind farm in Indonesia, a solar farm in India, biomass energy generation in China and mangrove planting in Madagascar. To ensure these projects reach the very highest levels of environmental integrity and contribute to sustainable development, each one has official Gold Standard certification.

As well as our work with Ecologi, we also commit to increasing our carbon awareness and will be looking at other ways we can further enhance our positive impact on the environment – so watch this space!

Why it’s important – reversing the trend

The COVID-19 shutdown caused a global reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of around 7%. This was the first time that humanity has been able to reduce emissions year-on-year. Imagine if we were able continue this trend and look back at 2019 as the year that global emissions reached their peak. To solve the climate emergency and mitigate the crisis of carbon emissions we’re facing, we need large-scale collective action.

Ecologi has its own collective action initiative, and you can check out its progress here:

The solutions are out there. It is possible for the world to meet its ambitious target of limiting global warming to 1.5C. The missing element is funding.

With Ecologi, you have a simple way to fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions and reforest the planet, maximising your impact over and above just limiting your own damage and reducing your footprint.

From as little as £1.25 a week, you can make a real difference in the fight against climate change and start growing your own forest.

We’re happy to do our bit, and will continue to find new ways to continue our journey to being a climate positive business and a force for much-needed change.

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I'm Darren and I'm the Technical Copywriter at Krystal. Words are what I do. Aside from writing, I play guitar and sing in a band, work on getting my 2nd Dan in Taekwondo and seek adventure in Devon and beyond with my wife and daughter.

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