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Onyx hits ‘Top Tier’ again in WP Hosting Benchmarks tests

Darren H

27 Jul 20223 min read • News, Ruby, Web Hosting, WordPress

WP Hosting Benchmarks’ highly anticipated annual results have just been published, and Onyx scored a “Top Tier” result for a third year running! The tests have become an industry standard for independently assessing a wide range of WordPress hosting plans and are considered the most thorough and fair given that the results can’t be influenced.

As per the rules, companies donate hosting plans for testing purposes on the condition that they’re the exact same plans that a normal user would receive. We entered both an Onyx Pro plan, which at £34.99/month was entered in the “$25-$50” category and a Ruby web hosting plan, which at £9.99/month went in the “<$25” category.

We’re delighted to share that our Onyx Managed WordPress Hosting has been rated as ‘Top Tier’ for a third year running! See the full results.

Quality, measured independently

WP Hosting Benchmarks’ tests assess two elements to determine an overall quality scor

  1. Peak performance measured using load-testing services that emulate high visitor numbers. This tests to see how well hosts respond to high-traffic conditions.

  2. Consistency measured using uptime monitoring to check server availability over a longer time period.

To achieve Top Tier status, hosts must maintain at least 99.90% uptime throughout the entire testing and show ‘little to no degradation’ in performance during load testing.

You can read more about WP Hosting Benchmarks’ methodologies here.

Onyx: our homegrown, premium planet-protecting WordPress hosting

Designed and developed by Krystal in the UK, Onyx is our seriously fast, fully redundant 100% NVMe SSD platform. Uniquely at this price point it’s highly-available (HA) by default, which means we can scale it to deal with tens of thousands of simultaneous visitors.

Onyx has a plan to suit everyone from individual bloggers to businesses running a portfolio of high-traffic websites. Every plan has unlimited bandwidth, and as with all things Krystal, it’s built using best-in-class hardware and runs on 100% renewable energy.

Blazing speed

One of the key measures of specialised WordPress hosting performance is the time taken to load a website page.

As part of WP Hosting Benchmarks’ tests, assesses the speed of hosts by fully loading the dummy homepage and recording how long it takes from 12 different locations around the world. In 2021, Onyx did us proud, achieving ‘Top Tier’ status.

This year, we’re thrilled to say Onyx hit the Top Tier once again.

Onyx has lightning-fast performance built in. High-performance 100% NVMe SSD (up to 10x faster than standard SSD) storage is provided for both web and database servers. LiteSpeed ADC stores cached copies of pages directly on edge load balancers to optimise response times and deliver content to your visitors at blazing speed.

We couple this best-in-class technology with a specialised plugin within your WordPress install to allow you to make tweaks to the caching setup. This means the cache is also updated immediately whenever you make changes to your website.

Guaranteed uptime

All Onyx plans come with application-level high availability as standard, our 99.99% uptime guarantee as well as over 2,000Gbps of DDoS protection. For the WP Hosting Benchmarks tests, uptime is monitored by two companies: HetrixTools and Uptime Robot. This year, Onyx achieved a near perfect uptime of 99.99% and 99.992%.

Fully managed

Onyx is a fully managed platform, which means we’re always here if you get stuck or have any questions. Our 24/7, UK-based expert WordPress support team can assist with anything from platform-related queries such as caching configuration to WordPress plugin recommendations.

Award-winning managed WordPress hosting with best-in-class support

If you’d like to find out more about how our flexible, scalable Onyx Managed WordPress Hosting can help you succeed, get in touch via our Live Chat today.

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