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Krystal gets festive for Save the Children

Darren H

13 Dec 20222 min read • Corporate Social Responsibility, News, Save the planet

This year, we decided to throw caution to the wind, burrow deep into our winter wardrobes and take part in Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day.

As a business that works entirely from our respective homes, worrying about fashion faux pas is not normally high on our agenda. ‘Functional’ would be a fair assessment of our daily work wardrobes. However, just like all highly intelligent, creative types, we do enjoy the odd…jumper.

So, when we spotted that Save the Children were asking people across the country to sport seasonal sweaters to make the world better, how could we resist?

Rather than splashing out on new jumpers and adding to disposable fast fashion’s impact on the environment, we decided it would only be right if we ‘recycled’ and dug out Christmas fashion crimes from years previous. A quick eco wash at 30 degrees and they were good to go (no one actually irons their jumpers, right?).

From ‘funny’ captions and ironic indie numbers to chunky knits crying out for a Christmas hug, the full range of festive fun wear was on display.

Krystal is matching all donations to our JustGiving Page, and with the UK Government doing the same, we’re delighted to say that we’ll have raised over £1,000. With the cash raised, Save the Children can work its magic in Kenya, where, every year, 74,000 children die before reaching the age of five. Thanks to their valiant efforts, mums-to-be, new mums, tiny babies and bigger kids will get the food and medicine they need to be strong and healthy. And it’s not just in Kenya that the work of Save the Children is making a difference - they help kids across the whole entire world, from the UK to the Ukraine.

If you’re thinking of having a Christmas Jumper Day, you don’t need to follow a set date, any day will do. You’ll still make a difference by creating a donation page for Save the Children and dusting off your seasonal sweaters. You could even host a Christmas charity quiz, or challenge your teammates to a Christmas bake off!

If you’re lacking the clothing or the colleagues to be able to take part yourself, then you can always make a kind donation to Krystal's JustGiving Page. Remember, the UK Government will match every donation until March 1st (as will Krystal on our JustGiving page!). Just £20 could buy antibiotics to help 10 children beat malnutrition.

Tis the season of giving, as they say. Being able to help those less fortunate than us, while also wearing a badass jumper, well, that’s got the holiday season off to a flying start. Merry Christmas.

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Darren H

I'm Darren and I'm the Senior Copywriter at Krystal. Words are what I do. Aside from writing, I play guitar and sing in my band Machineries Of Joy, work on getting my 2nd Dan in Taekwondo and seek adventure with my wife and daughter.

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