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Krystal celebrates 20 years with epic Oktoberfest

Darren H

12 Oct 20224 min read • Business, News

What a night! The beer flowed, the music played, the people danced and sang, it was a party fit for celebrating twenty years of Krystal.

Read on to find out how the evening went down (disclaimer: some of the many highlights may have been left out deliberately to keep the dignity of partygoers intact! ;) )

A long-awaited meetup

With everything that’s happened over the past couple of years, it’s been a while since Krystal staff and clients have been able to meet up and have some well-earned fun together. In fact, there were some Krystal staff who had never met in person before, having joined the company in the last 2-3 years. So, we were all keen to make the journey from our respective home offices, workpods or hotdesks.

Once we arrived at the hotel, there was time for a brief hello and freshen up before we piled into our electric coach and headed off to the venue. Excitement levels were high… so high in fact, that we agreed to a group photo in the middle of the road…

Beers, beers…and more beers

Upon arrival at the Hangar we were greeted by what can only be described as a wall of traditional Oktoberfest beer. The offer was there to partake. We duly obliged.

After Krystal staff spent an hour or so catching up, the rest of the partygoers began to arrive. It was clear people were in the mood (and a good number of them in the right outfits!) to party.

On your marks, get set, Oktoberfest!

Our Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Jez Rose, gave everyone the lowdown on what was what, and with suitable gusto kicked off the party proper (which for reasons that we can’t remember, entailed whacking sweets at people with a tennis racket!?).

Once everyone was settled in, the drinks orders were flying around and things really started to liven up…

"PROST! What a great night! Our team filled right up on German beer and spent a crackin' evening dancing on the benches to oompah band covers of the Vengaboys. Our MD even forgot to collect his jacket from the cloakroom at the end of the night - seems his beer jacket was all the warmth he needed! When's the next one? Tschüß!" - Super Digital

“Team Music Education Solutions had a great time at Krystal’s Oktoberfest. The atmosphere was great, and it was so lovely to hear fantastic live music throughout the night, especially when we got to join in! I’m not going to lie, there was a certain competitive edge to our singing – we even got compliments for our efforts from the table next to us!” - Liz, Music Education Solutions.

"Wow! What a night it was. It was the most generous night a company has held with unlimited free food and drink! You can’t beat that. The atmosphere was just amazing with the live brass band playing traditional and current music getting everyone dancing, even on the tables! Let’s not forget the super talented DJ who had everyone dancing at the front of the room. I even left with a cartoon drawing of myself and a stein! I couldn’t have asked for a better night. Thank you for inviting me & 5 plus ones!" - Joy, JM Digital Online Services.

“Turns out Krystal are not just the best web hosts, they are great party hosts too! What a great night, thanks for treating us all to a spectacular night of oompah, sausages, magic and music, not to mention the lovely stein flower vases we all left with.” - undabo

The atmosphere was helped in no small part by Deep Down Brass, our fantastic oompah band, experts in music-based drinking games and unorthodox cover versions. Their merry-making tunes kept the party going…and the beer flowing!

“go6 had a “sehr gut” time boozing and dancing the night away. Such an amazing set up, food, branded stuff and of course people all coming together to celebrate this amazing milestone. Thank you!" - go6 Media

Fun, food and frolics

Meanwhile, the unmistakable smell of German deliciousness wafted temptingly across from the food terrace. For some, the pull was too strong and there was only one thing to do...

For others, well…they were feeling a pull of another kind.

A night to remember

From the world’s only female drummer DJ and her percussion-infused dancefloor bangers… an impromptu 100-metre conga line…

...and flattering(ish) caricatures from our talented digital artist…

…everything came together to make it a night to remember. After weeks of planning, we were delighted to see everyone having such a fantastic time.

“Oktoberfest was amazing! Krystal organised a great event for us, from the food to the unlimited bar and music. Everyone was friendly and the highlight of the night was meeting Simon, who was so down to earth and nice to talk to. I will continue to be a customer with Krystal as the customer service is excellent. Looking forward to the next event. Thank you!” - Anthony - Creative Media Design

We’d like to say a huge heartfelt thanks to all our guests for coming and helping us celebrate, it literally wouldn't have worked without you and your willingness to relax, get stuck in and have a good time.

Cheers! Or as they say in Germany - Prost!!!

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Darren H

I'm Darren and I'm the Senior Copywriter at Krystal. Words are what I do. Aside from writing, I play guitar and sing in my band Machineries Of Joy, work on getting my 2nd Dan in Taekwondo and seek adventure with my wife and daughter.

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