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Katapult launches in New York!

Darren H

17 Mar 20212 min read • Business, New Features, News

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new Katapult location in New York, USA! You can now spin up a VM in seconds via the portal at (incl. £100 free credit).

Designed and developed entirely by Krystal in the UK, Katapult is our master-crafted, ultra-fast, all-NVMe self-service public cloud. Built using only the best components, it provides a peerless public cloud experience for hosting websites and applications. Our expansion of Katapult into New York means we now offer the world’s fastest virtual infrastructure service on 2 continents (with more to come!).

With this launch, our clients now have multiple locations from which to create their virtual machines, allowing them to set up Katapult services in the Eastern United States and optimise their infrastructure for maximum performance.

“Katapult’s scalable compute platform is designed for a global presence. In the 9 months since the launch of our first location in the UK we’ve been working tirelessly to meet the needs of a worldwide audience. Today’s availability of our first US location marks the first major step in this journey.” - Alex Easter, CTO

A world-class facility

We’ve always insisted on best-in-class hardware and cutting-edge security (hence “master-crafted”), and committed to using only renewable energy. To maintain these standards, we’ve gone to great lengths to pick the very best data centre provider from which to launch our US locations.

Our chosen facility is NJE-1, part of the acclaimed Iron Mountain campus. A purpose-built data centre, its design is Uptime Tier III-certified, which means, among other things, that it requires no shutdowns when equipment needs maintenance or replacement. This ensures absolutely outstanding reliability.


Scalability is built into both short- and long-term capacity at NJE-1, thanks to 830,000 SF of space and 26.1 MW of power, which is powered by 100% renewable energy and has a 1.2 PUE efficiency rating, something that makes it a perfect fit with our Green Ethos.

Prime location

NJE-1 is located just a few miles west of Staten Island and minutes from regional network hubs. This makes it perfect for quick access to US markets on the East Coast.

Our presence at Iron Mountain also means that in the near future we’ll be able to provide further Krystal and Onyx (managed WordPress) services out of this region.

Exporting excellence

We’ve cherry picked the best-in-class for every aspect of Katapult. Bleeding-edge AMD 2nd Gen EPYC CPUs, 100% NVMe all-flash storage, triple-copy redundancy and enterprise-grade hardware throughout. This new location takes Katapult’s world-class capabilities and Krystal’s reputation for excellence on its first step onto the world stage.

For more information about our new facility, or to have a chat about how Katapult can help your business succeed, drop into our Slack community at or contact us directly at We’d love to hear from you.

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