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A Breakdown of the Best Web Hosting Options


10 Jan 20204 min read • WordPress

Choosing the best web hosting option can be daunting for many people. The differences in hosting can appear to be minimal or non-existent, but in our case (and many others) there are fundamental differences that should be taken into consideration before deciding on a package.

What is the Best Web Hosting Option for You?

The needs of a small personal blog or portfolio site will, for example, be completely different from a large e-commerce site serving multiple users (often at one time) so it's important to choose the best web hosting option for your needs from the outset, to avoid any unnecessary hassle down the line. After all, you don’t want to pay for a hosting package you don’t need!

At Krystal, we offer a range of web hosting packages to suit all needs so that you can find the best web hosting option for you, these are categorised into the following package types;

Cloud Hosting (Shared)

Business/Premium Cloud Hosting (Shared)

Reseller Cloud Hosting (Shared)

VPS and Dedicated Servers

Our Cloud Hosting Options

So, what is Cloud Hosting?

Our Cloud hosting options are single cPanel accounts on a shared server designed to host one or multiple websites and email accounts belonging to a single user. This is the best web hosting option for individuals or freelancers that use the account to work on their own projects before handing off to clients or hosting used for friends and family. These packages are not designed to host multiple clients' websites, or indeed to be re-sold.

What is Business/Premium Cloud Hosting?

Our Business/Premium hosting is Cloud hosting with a punch! Not only do these come with much higher LVE limits (CPU/RAM) they're also hosted on quieter servers (no more than 100 users) which allows a lot of flexibility in terms of being able to burst resources and less impact from other 'noisy neighbours'. A combination of the higher LVE limits and Premium class servers mean that this is the most stable hassle free hosting available, with resources similar to that of a VPS, without the headache and time commitment of managing your own server this truly is the best web hosting option for mission critical/busy e-commerce, email and corporate sites.

What is Reseller Cloud Hosting?

Reseller Hosting gives you the ability to effectively buy Cloud Hosting accounts wholesale, you pay a set price every month for a set amount of resources, be it disk space, bandwidth or cPanel accounts and it's then up to you how you're going to slice that block of resources up. You are provided with WHM (Web Host Manager) which allows you to login and create end user cPanel accounts and you can then charge your end user however you see fit. This is an ideal package and possibly the best option for small web hosting outfits looking to sell hosting to end users, or indeed design agencies hosting multiple websites whether their end users need cPanel access or not. While these are commonly used by companies and small businesses, we also encourage the use of reseller plans for individuals hosting a larger number of websites.

Our VPS and Server Hosting Options

What are VPS and Dedicated Servers?

Both VPS’ and Dedicated Servers are similar in the sense that these give you a full server hosting environment with root access giving you full control over the server. This allows customers to host bespoke configurations and indeed larger sites that require more resources than any shared package can possibly offer. A VPS is hosted on a large machine called a hypervisor, the hypervisor runs virtualisation software and is then essentially sliced up to host multiple virtual servers (VPS’). These will accommodate moderate to large workloads and support any customisation that you see fit, they are generally the next step up from a business hosting package.

A dedicated server is a full physical server all to yourself, dedicated to you and your projects(s) and is designed to accommodate the most intensive workloads. You still get the full customisation capabilities of a VPS, but as the machine is dedicated, you won’t be impacted by problems arising on the hypervisor or issues caused by other users on the shared platform. These typically deal with single (and often multiple) large sites, such as large Magento ecommerce solutions that see a lot of traffic and concurrent users and other resource- intensive workloads.

Hosting with Krystal - How we can help!

It's extremely important to choose the correct package from the outset and decide the best web hosting option for your specific requirements. Selecting a package that's too small can result in unnecessary downtime and complications for you and users using the site. Equally, choosing a package that's too large will mean that you're paying more than you need to, but does give you breathing space to grow and higher resources should your site experience a sudden traffic surge. For some, paying more for the peace of mind should they require the extra resources is worth the extra investment, and for others it's not.

If you're moving to us, or are unsure if your current package is the best web hosting option for your needs, we recommend reaching out to our support team. We can review your account and if possible recommend you an appropriate package to make sure your website performs at its best, but without paying for features you’re not going to use. Click here to get in touch with our 24/7 support team.

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