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Premium web hosting that’s fair to you and the planet.

In 2002, frustrated by poor service and bad business practices, I created Krystal. The aim was to provide an honest, reliable and personal alternative to the large faceless hosting corporations, and we've been doing things differently ever since. Join Krystal today and enjoy web hosting that's conscious without compromising on the quality of performance or the health of our planet.


Simon Blackler — Founder & CEO

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ISPA Awards 3x Winner

4.8 out of 5 based on 1,748 reviews

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Doing things differently since day dot.

Krystal is, and always will be, fiercely independent. We set out to challenge the big faceless hosting corporations, and we’ll never sell to them or anyone else. We choose exactly how we operate and forge our own path, creating a premium service that’s uncompromisingly good for our clients and for the planet.

Our clients love us because of our unwavering commitment to service, ethics and quality, and this can be seen throughout our entire operations. From our clear and fair pricing to our custom-built infrastructure and award-winning support.

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Yes, we obsess over our tech. But we also protect our planet.

Green energy

We use Ecotricity for our power, the first company in the UK to offer true 100% renewable energy.

Green data centres

All power consumed at our data centres comes from 100% renewable sources. All centres have achieved a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of at least 1.2.

Green purpose

We work with key partners including Ecologi, veritree and to create a path to a cleaner future. We balance profit with purpose and are a Certified B Corp.

Green leadership

We work as a beacon for positive change, so we help our staff go green by offsetting their lifetime carbon footprint, and encourage our industry to adopt a planet-first approach.

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  • We’ve won clients who were particularly impressed that we offered green hosting!

    Aaron Nihat

    Director, Purple Cloud IT

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  • "We cannot afford to drop the ball, not even once. That’s why we’ve been using Krystal for nearly ten years."

    Steve Manning

    Technical Director, CaliPro Software

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  • In the last ten years, across hundreds of our sites, we’ve seen uptimes of around 99.97%. And that is absolutely phenomenal!

    Wayne Philips

    Managing Director, go6 media

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  • They're very highly skilled. There's no question that whatever we've needed, they’ve had the expertise to assist.

    Aleem Sunderji

    Software Architect, Blueprint Solutions

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  • Uptime and speed is important. You also want to know whatever you are doing is as environmentally positive as possible.

    Charlotte Kapitza

    Owner, Coaching by Char

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  • Not only is Krystal reliable and technically capable, I’m a big fan of its green credentials too!

    James Blackler

    Founder, The Mortgage Blog

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Our clients say we're Excellent

4.8 out of 5 based on 1,748 reviews

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  • Even the more technical of us need help!

    Despite having a background in tech, setting up websites still isn’t second nature to me. This is where Krystal and their great support team come in. I didn’t need to pull out my hair, because the chat feature came up, and a super-helpful real human helped me immediately and without stress.

    Natalie Haigh


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  • Excellent provider

    As someone who isn’t web tech savvy, the team here helped me navigate designing my own website, even with all the technical glitches that happened along the way. By far, the most supportive and knowledgeable team I have worked with.

    Lottie King


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  • Fast and reliable

    It’s so easy to turn to a review site when you have a bad experience with a company. Thankfully, my experience with Krystal has been the opposite. Been a customer for four years, never had a problem. This week, I needed support. They answered promptly and did everything I need to get my site working again quickly.

    Robert J. King


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  • Unusually good!

    I just realised that I’ve been with Krystal for the last 5 years! That’s pretty unusual indeed for me. On reflection, I’ve run through similar companies every 1-3 years over the last 25 years. What's kept me with Krystal is the following: good performance in what they do, good update information, everything is transparent, they treat me as a person, and they'll go the extra mile.

    Captain Walker


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  • 10/10 every time

    Yet again Krystal came to our rescue in helping to resolve a technical problem way beyond our understanding. Tristan took as much time as was necessary to resolve the issue. 10/10 every time, no matter how big or small the problem is.

    Sy Whitehall


    Read review
  • Always a fantastic service

    We have used Krystal Hosting for a number of years now, and their customer support is one of the best I’ve experienced - always very knowledgeable and very helpful.

    Mark Score


    Read review
  • Best hosting company out there

    A massive support network and outstanding service. Anyone who is complaining about Krystal has never used any of the other ‘giants’. Second to none - will be here for the long run

    Dan Burgess


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  • By far the best hosting service provider

    Krystal is the best hosting service provider I have come across. My website is always up and running smoothly, and I have received nothing but positive feedback about the speed and performance of my website, which I attribute to Krystal’s top-of-the-line hosting services.

    Patrick O’Neill


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  • Consistently wonderful

    They’ve been unbelievably consistent with their service and an absolute joy to work with. I’ve never dealt with a company that has kept its very high standards consistently. 5 stars doesn’t do this place justice!

    Jonathan Dell’Agnolo


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  • Excellent customer service

    I had a few small business websites that I needed to migrate from from another host (which was slow and more expensive), and they helped me with step-by-step instructions after I struggled with it, and then helped me to troubleshoot errors on the other migrations I tried by myself. Absolutely great customer service!

    Dave Man


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  • Excellent customer service as always

    I’ve been a Krystal customer for many years, and on the rare occasions I needed help with something, I’ve always had a prompt and satisfactory answer to my questions. Krystal set the bar when it comes to customer service and I’d be happy to recommend them to anyone that requires hosting solutions.

    Sam Gatt


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  • Excellent customer support

    I rang Krystal after encountering an email issue with my iPhone. I was put through in a matter of moments to Steven, who was incredibly helpful in assisting my problem, which I could have spent hours on if not for his support. I was very grateful for the quick investigation!

    Dan Self


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  • Excellent support and advice

    As an agency owner, you have hundreds of hosting companies to choose from, and we couldn’t be happier with Krystal. We’ve been with them for five years and the support - when needed - is first class. Very happy to recommend!

    Jason Wollington


    Read review
  • Exceptional support

    Always fast and invariably solves the problem. Highly recommended!

    Anna Richards


    Read review
  • God-tier customer support

    Friendly, sharp, understanding, and quick to answer and resolve things.

    Kai Winters


    Read review
  • Great service

    Krystal are easily the best hosting service I have ever used. Great service, and an amazing turnaround time on queries and tickets. Real people who are helpful, friendly, and UK-based.

    Bazil Nesbitt


    Read review
  • I honestly can’t recommend Krystal enough

    I spoke to Steven in Support, who was helpful beyond my expectations, exploring various options with me and talking me through every step to upgrade my IT to make it as easy as possible. I honestly can't recommend Krystal enough if all their employees are as helpful as he has been!

    Tina Sood


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  • Krystal just do everything well

    Very well. Outstandingly well. Whether it be hosting, tech support, or domain-related, they are responsive and extremely competent. I have no intention of moving any of my domains or sites anywhere else.

    Allister Duncan


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  • Massive help!

    Having spent years of pain with another host, I have moved to Krystal and thank the Lord! I worked with Matthew today, and he issued an SSL and moved root folders of a domain for me in minutes. All sorted, and now I can get on with my day. I can’t recommend them enough!

    Mike Wells


    Read review
  • Nothing but excellent service

    I have used previous web hosts and Krystal has been the best. Easy to deal with and queries dealt with fast.

    Andrew Flash


    Read review
  • One of the best companies I have ever used

    Their customer service is phenomenal. They are always so incredibly helpful and so prompt in their replies.

    Selina Westerman


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  • Shine on, Krystal Hosting

    Been with this hosting company for a number of years, and always found them caring and professional. And, of course, they provide a great service. Well done, Krystal. You are a shining example of something we had back in the day, but sadly seem to have lost in the here and now.

    Rod Mitchell


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  • Simply amazing!

    Everything about the Krystal platform is fantastic, but their support in particular is just outstanding. There's always little issues here and there when you host websites, and knowing you've got such a great support team at your fingertips just takes all the pressure off.

    Karl Chevalier


    Read review
  • Super friendly and helpful

    Managed to solve our problems in a really short space of time.

    Gavin Agamemnos


    Read review
  • Terrific Support!

    They helped us migrate and fix a problematic site, as well as communicating technically with third parties. Very satisfied!

    On Yorkshire Magazine


    Read review
  • The best and fastest technical support

    It’s just unbelievable! Special thanks to Jamie, who was very fast and promptly solved problems.

    Ivan Hroshev


    Read review
  • The best in the business, by far!

    I wish all hosting companies had the same level of service and care that Krystal do. Their systems work flawlessly and the odd occasion that there’s an issue they are always super responsive and extremely helpful.

    Joel Spencer


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  • The best UK shared hosting provider

    I’ve tried a number of different hosting companies over the years, and Krystal are by far the best UK shared hosting provider I’ve found.

    Dean Perry


    Read review
  • The gold standard in UK web hosting

    Over the past 5 years, their service has been nothing short of stellar. What really stands out, besides their unwavering tech support, is their commitment to being at the forefront of technology while holding strong to their eco principles.

    Dan T


    Read review
  • The support is on another level

    I’ve been using them for many years and they’re so great to work with. Any issue is normally resolved within the hour. Thoroughly recommend this company.

    Harvinder Bhogal


    Read review
  • Very reliable for business hosting

    Always great service from these guys. Their support is top-notch and you’re never waiting long for a response or a resolution. Same day responses, often within minutes, makes them a very reliable partner for business website hosting.

    David Kennett


    Read review
  • Well worth the money!

    I’ve been with Krystal since 2015, and have always been very impressed by the quality of their technical support. I’ve just had a problem with my email system, which they tracked down in a few hours, and at no extra charge, to an obscure fault in my Thunderbird email software.

    Kevin King


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